These pages contain some of my thoughts, experiences and ramblings on photography, wandering the streets and life in general. Please have a browse through the blogs, don't take everything I have written to seriously. I hope these blogs are helpful, please also check out my social media and Youtube channel as well.



Blog11 - A Line in the Sand

August 2020 and we are preparing for more covid restrictions, time for some reflection and look to the future.

Blog10 - Size Doesn't Matter

I recently had 2.4m long prints made from a variety of sensors and formats and prove that size doesn't matter.

Blog09 - The Digital Xpan

A dangerous title to say 'Digital Xpan' as there is no such thing and Xpan owners will be up in arms but I will explain how there is a digital solution to still making great panoramic images without having to spend alot of money on new cameras.

Blog08 - Selling the Nikon, hello Fujifilm

After 3 years with the Nikon D810 DSLR camera I finally decided to trade in and change my system to Fujifilm Mirrorless. I try to explain why I made this decision and why I chose Fujifilm. 


Blog07 - Hidden Gems

Scanning of the huge back log of black and white and colour negative films is a long term project due to the quantity. Some rcent scanning has thrown up what I believe are a couple of hidden gems. These images almost went forgotten as I did not realise how potentially good they are.


Blog06 - Computers and the Digital Age

The deadly hard drive failure has struck with windows 10 not booting up. Luckily I was able to recover all my data but back up, back up, back up.

Blog05 - Giants, Liverpool's Dream

The Giants of Royale du Luke theatre group returned to Liverpool to put on a spectacular final three day show. Having missed the previous two shows I was determined not to miss this event and set out with too much camera equipment as always.


Blog04 - August 2018, I'm Bored

So it is August and the world of digital photography has just been hit with the new releases of Nikon and Canon mirrorless cameras. Youtube is now awash with the first reviews and hands on videos. now you understand why I am bored? 


Blog03 - Shoot Film

Are you crazy, you still shoot film!! Well yes, I do still shoot film but not all the time. I learnt my photography shooting film and used to print in my own darkroom in the loft so I still love the process of shooting film. More recently I have switched to Fujifilm X series cameras which include for film simulations. My digital shooting is now based on film simulations.



Blog02 - Project Xpan

At the end of May 2017 I took a leap of faith and purchased a second hand Hasselblad Xpan on eBay. 

I created ‘Project Xpan’ which is basically to go forth and capture the world, its people and places with the Xpan. One camera, one lens and one perspective 3:1.


Blog01 - Welcome to the new website

Welcome to my new website. It has taken some time to get to this stage but I have finally launched my new website to show my work and services. In addition to the website I will be launching some Youtube vidoes to my Youtube channel. These are not intended as anything too serious but they are an opportunity to show some of my images and how they were captured. I also hope to be documenting some of the trips and challenges of capturing modern locations of the lantern slide collection. I hope you enjoy the website, thanks to Martin H for all your assistance.