Ok, so it is the third week in August 2018 and I am fed up.

Firstly, I still have not had the time to get out and take enough photographs in the last few weeks which is frustrating. Secondly the world of digital photography has just gone completely crazy.

This week saw the first Nikon Mirrorless cameras hit the press and shops. Excuse me if I don’t jump for joy and run down the street arms aloft, basically I don’t care. The development of technology in digital photography is moving as fast as it has ever been as sensor and processing quality continues to improve. This may seem a great bonus for photography as we can capture high resolution images in almost any conditions. But this is at a price, and that price is born by the photographers and customers as we are the ones who crave having the latest equipment and gadgers.

It was only last year that Nikon announced the much awaited D850 and it has lived up to expectations. There was a long queue of D750 and D810 owners trading in their bodies and upgrading to the D850 with its touch tilty screen. Then a few months later the Sony a7mk3 is released causing the same issues for Sony users and even people switching between brands. Now we have the Nikon mirrorless cameras which I am sure will trigger the same rush of upgrades etc. But switching a high specification camera like these for the keen amateur enthusiast is not cheap and you will easily be out of pocket at least £2k a time with a trade in. However, in 6 to 12 months time we will be talking about another new release and camera, so the cycle starts again. Despite this cycle the big camera companies are still struggling to make profits.

We now also have to go through the weeks on updates on Youtube of ‘first hands on reviews’ and ‘unboxing’ and ‘field tests’ and comparison videos. These already started within hours of the release of the camera bodies. Oh well, I have plenty of good books to read!

This is what I find frustrating with digital photography and have done for about 10 years after I bought my first Nikon D70s. It doesn’t matter that we can say that we don’t need to upgrade and buy the latest camera, as deep down in this consumer world, we will end up spending hard earned money on a camera that will be superseded within a couple of years or even shorter.

Film cameras on the other had are already out of date! There are no new releases or videos about these!

Since starting back with my photography a few years ago I have been slowly scanning my negatives and in particular those associated with Thailand. This is mainly so I can recreate a couple of talks or lectures. Well finally last month I managed to finish all the black and white scans (680 of them!) and processed them through Lightroom. I have now been catching up on some digital images from this summer including infra red and some images I took for work.

This is when I hit a brick wall, I have really struggled to sit in Lightroom and process the images. It has not been as bad for the IR images as they are abit quirky but easy to process, but for the work images I have processed 2 out of 102. I spent 2 hours taking pictures of the Cunard Queen Elizabeth at and leaving Liverpool and took 102 images! It’s crazy as I reckon there will be less than 10 of those images which are any good. The hit rate with digital is not the same as film by a long way and sitting down to go through and process digital images is a struggle for me. I am challenging myself now to shoot less images, especially if they are digital, to avoid the pain of post processing.