My Cycling Story and the start of 'Mid Life Cycle'

It is April 2019 and I have finally managed to get our on my road bike and do some training rides. It has probably during the last 4 to 5 years I have not been able to cycle anywhere near my annual mileage of 1000 miles. I am about 20kg over my ideal weight which, when on the bike, is transferring to slower times and 20% harder work. This needs to change and also the weight loss needs to be sustainable. I also need to target doing some climbs and proper hills on the road so I can get stronger legs.

After a good summer of cycling during 2019, I have decided to create a web and video blog called 'Mid Life Cycle' (instead of Mid Life Crisis). The blogs will summarise the year on the bike, goals achieved and include some photos of the bike and locations etc. I hope this blog will progress with time in conjunction with the videos.

Bike History

I started out with a Carrera mountain bike which I had after Univeristy for a couple of years. When I came back from working overseas I purchase a GT Pantera in shiny aluminium and fitted RockShok SL forks to the front. The decision to switch to road biking resulted in the GT being sold and my first road bike was an Ideal Onraod purchased from Ron Spencer's in Warrington. I upgraded the gears/brakes and then sold the bike as I grabbed a Trek Madone 5200 carbon bike in an end of season sale. This was a serious upgrade and the lightweight bike and gears handles amazingly. A problem with the rear frame resulted in a replacement by Trek to a Madone 5.2SL Discovery Channel blue carbon frame which I still have. This was recently fitted with a new set of DTSwiss wheels due to a hub failure on the original wheels. the geometry of this bike is dated and I do now have issues with the team colours which unfortunately link the bike to Lance Armstrong.

At the end of season 2019 I managed to pick up a bargain sale bike from Evans, a Trek Emonda SL6 Pro. This is a serious bike with a high spec frame and wheels which was being sold at less than half RRP. I have changed the rear cassette but otherwise the bike is as sold and at 7.3kg is very responsive.

Trek Emonda SL6 Pro


Trek Madone 5.2 SL Discovery Channel

The Trek5200 before the frame damage

First Road bike, Ideal Onroad

 Mountain bike, GT Pantera with Rock ShokSL

Charity Rides

I have done a few charity rides in the North West of UK, these have mainly been the Liverpool Chester and the Manchester 100. I have not undertaken any sportif rides as yet but maybe these will be an option when I get fitter!

Liverpool Chester Liverpool 2013

Cycling the Vyrnwy Aqueduct 2012

Manchester 100 in 2009

Liverpool Chester Liverpool 2008

Manchester 100 in 2007

Cheshire Cat in 2007

Manchester 100 in 2005

Manchester 100 in 2004