This is the start of the Mid Life Cycling Blog. As summarised on the Introduction page, I have finally got back on the road bike after a 5 year sabbatical due to various work and family reasons. The year started with my first ride on 19th April during some nice warm spring weather and concluded just before New Year. Along the way I had a few mechanical issues and work required on the bike but I managed to get some new routes and climbs in. There was the addition of a 1995 retro mountain bike for some off road and winter fun. There is a small collection of images at the bottom of the page taken during the rides.

Total No of Rides = 28 (3 MTB)

Total mileage = 1066 miles at 16.2mph average


My  first ride of the year was 19th April and it was slow, painful and tiring but it started to improve with two more 35 mile loops in April. At the begining of May I ventured further and added Frosham Hill to the loop which was then modified to include Manley Road which is the proper part of the climb and a leg stinger. This ride is just under 50 miles and about 3 hours and really enjoyable as it still stays mainly on back lanes. At the end of May I managed to take my bike down to my Dad's in Swindon and did a 35 mile loop out via Marlborough and The Downs which still had a few lump bits in it and hopefully some options to extend it in the future. I didn't like the main road climb in Marlborough but it was fun to cycle back up Wroughton Hill, past Burderop Park  and Hodson like when I was working there during University.

The fun and games began in June when my chain snapped on Great Budworth hill during a ride and I had to get rescued much to my wife's amusement. New chain installed but this didn't completely solve the problem despite the chainset looking ok it had to replaced a month or so later. By July the ride length was getting longer with 100km loop to Middlewich completed. I did my first ride to the Wizard Pub in Alderley Edge and then a separate ride to Kelsall Hill via Frodsham in August. Overall, it was a good summer on the bike but I could always have managed a few more rides. I definitely need to loose at least 10kg in weight as I feel this on the climbs which I want to do more of.

The Trek Madone is starting to show its age now despite still being a good steady ride. Technology has moved forward and I will be considering an upgrade in 2020 which I may cover in a separate blog. I have tried to do a couple of video blogs on the bike but this is not easy especially with wind noise. One revelation has been discovering Galibier clothing which I have started wearing, it is quality but at a reasonable price (some cycling brands are VERY expensive). The retro MTB has provided an alternative means of doing some exercise in the winter but I have only managed 3 rides so far. In December I joined North Cheshire Clarion club for 2020 season so I am hoping to get more rides and make some friends.