What is Pass Safely?

Pass Safely is a cycling safety campaign aimed at ensuring motorists and road users pass cyclists with a safe clearance of 1.5m on UK Roads. This has developed from a number of safety campaigns in the past like 'Give Cyclists Room', 'Too Close for Comfort' by Cycling UK and 'Share the Damn Road' in the USA. There have been a number of the UK Police regions who have been actively promoting a Pass Safely campaign for cyclists but most of this has been media, poster and road sign campaigns.

As a cyclists I have had my fair share of incidents on the road with road users passing closely or even hitting me with wing mirrors etc. About ten years ago I purchased a Share the Damn Road jersey which has a safe passing graphic on the back. When I wear this shirt I do generally get treated abit better by passing road users. There is now an increase in cyclists and a push to increase the percentage of people cycling instead of using cars. However the segregation of cyclists from other road user with dedicated cycle lanes is lacking in the UK and must improve in the future. There is some great work being done by Chris Boardman on this in Manchester but every local council needs to step up to improve the provisions for cycling.

PASS SAFELY is a simple message and if road users can remember seeing the logo and then the next time they pass a cyclist they give them 1.5m then we are winning.

The Logo

I have created a simple logo for 'PASS SAFELY' and I am hoping to develop this into T Shirts, cycle jerseys, car stickers etc to hopefully raise the profile. This logo may develop with time.


The T Shirt and Clothing

The T Shirt  and other clothing and goods are available, please go to the Cafe Press Shop or the TeeSpring Shop

The Cycling Jersey

The design of the cycling jersey started in 2019 with N1LB but unfortunately I was not able to get the minimum of 10 people interested for the first order. So this was shelved for the short term.


The alternative that I came up with was to speak to the SharetheDamnRoad website int he USA and get them to modify their previous design to a 1.5m UK version. This worked out ok and I ordered an orange version in 2020 which was very good and has been worn a number of time. There is a version about this on my Youtube page.